Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Gemma Collins Collection Dress Review: NEON Stretch!

 photo BoombandsEm_GemmaCollins_SImplyBe_Dress_Review_004_zpsb92d9bb1.jpg
Dress: C/- Simply Be, Blazer: City Chic, Shoes: Clarks.

Okay. When this dress came online, it really represented the first time EVER that the Gemma Collins Collection did anything to appeal to me. The clothing on offer from Gemma isn't *really* my style, so actually liking something? Well! That made me pretty damn curious... In this dress, I LIKE the Neon, I like the bodycon and I love the lace... 

 photo BoombandsEm_GemmaCollins_SImplyBe_Dress_Review_005_zps528c4c35.jpg

You can see I paired this with a blazer, black tights and suede shoes. This is a dress I wore out on an evening, to a dinner al fresco... As the weather has started to turn a little bit, the tights and jacket were my way to counter the outside evening cold.

I really love this look and certainly felt beautiful in this dress.

I mean, seriously... I look chic and bang-on trend. 


 photo BoombandsEm_GemmaCollins_SImplyBe_Dress_Review_007_zps9969667f.jpgI have to make a comment on sizing with this dress. The sizing is NOT great, at all. I actually had to make sure I pulled the dress down (and thereby flatten the wear) for these photos. I tried a 22, then a 24 and in this post - I am in a 26. To be honest, the dress is still self consciously tight around my tummy and for proper comfort (or indeed for me to confidently wear this without a jacket) I would have to hit a 28. I am not a size 28. I certainly push into 24s in some brands, but a 28? That's just shit sizing.

I wore this dress (with the jacket and Spanx) and it did get a little vagina-y through the night as it clung across my belly and pulled underneath my gut (towards my crotch). The below photo gives a small indication of what I mean (and that's just from me repositioning for the photo, not active clothing repositioning, like what happens when WALKING). I LIKE this dress in the 26... but with a jacket. Or perhaps without a jacket on a club night - but it's not for me for every day life.

 photo BoombandsEm_GemmaCollins_SImplyBe_Dress_Review_003_zpsa220dcfd.jpg

Now let me make it clear... I "get" and love bodycon. I also OWN a lot of bodycon and am aware that bodycon clothes give VBOs and get a little vagina-y, but for me to feel I could try a size 28 and STILL wear this as a bodycon dress, says something. I have no qualms admitting I prepped this dress by pulling it down, for these photos (to achieve lovely shots) and I totally look amazing and felt completely pretty on my night out, but Babes, if you're gonna try this - Size UP, yeah?!


Also - I'd be really interested to hear how size 28+ women find the Gemma Collins Range, so please comment and let me know!


  1. The dress looks really nice on you! It sucks about the sizing though. I feel that way about H&M+. I often have to size up 2 sizes in their jackets.

  2. Looks so great on you! Can't believe it's a 26 though!

  3. I think the gemma collins range is really tacky but this is actually a rather pleasing dress! Shame about the sizing, I guess it means that lots of girls won't be able to fit into it...... ridiculous when its from a proper plus size shop!

    I do so love your rare posts when you get a bit peeved (most of mine are like that!)

  4. I have to say I am not smitten with the dress, but love your new hairstyle. Looks lovely!

  5. I think you look really great in this dress! You can pull off anything, I am very envious! I can't stand anything fitted or remotely body con on me!

    I've not really been taken with anything from the Gemma Collins collection, but can certainly see a market for it for women with different tastes to me. I think the range on her own site is better than the Simply Be offerings, and there were a few dresses I would have liked, except for the fact although they were gorgeous and printed all over the front, the backs were just plain black! To me it looks like they couldn't be bothered to finish them properly so went for a cheaper and easier back to them!

    PS: You hair looks very pretty too x

  6. I LOVE how honest you are with this post. There are many bloggers that wouldn't admit to having to make adjustments just to have great pictures. It IS a beautiful dress, but the sizing as you said seems so way off that it would probably make me feel uncomfortable since I've got rather a round belly. THanks so much for honesty, and you still look lovely either way.

    Jen L.


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