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New Brand: Pink Clove Review.

 photo PinkClove_Review_PlusSizeClothing_Dress_BoombandsEm18_zps46d5db13.jpg

A month or so ago, I got an email from the new brand Pink Clove, to come along and document their first photo session... I couldn't make it, but as a small brand, that had reached out to me, I was immediately intrigued... You see, I love small brands. I always get a bit preachy in my posts about how we, the plus size consumer, need to embrace and love these smaller brands. Firstly, many of these brands make great clothes, and secondly - anything that expands the options for Plus Size women is a good thing... I might not always LOVE a new brand, but I will always try and embrace them - because the more we embrace, the more designers will start to design for us.

Pink Clove prides itself on the idea on Good Quality Fast Fashion. For those of you who don't know, Fast Fashion is a way to describe Fashion that tries to embrace the immediate fashion trends of the day... Inspiration comes from catwalks and magazines and is meant to be useable clothing that is immediately fashionable and budget friendly... Primark is an excellent, CHEAP example of a retailer that represents Fast Fashion. Pink Clove, is NOT like Primark, because while Pink Clove might be budget friendly, it certainly doesn't feel (or wear) as cheap!

After the website for Pink Clove launched, I got online and bought myself three dresses, a skirt and a top. My first purchase anywhere new is all about testing the water (and where I sit size wise), so I actually bought those five items across several different sizes... I didn't keep everything I got, and with the exception of one of the dresses (which just wasn't for me), I photographed everything so I could let you know what I think. I tell you what, I'm pretty impressed.

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This is the Geo Print Asymetric Dress in a 22. This is LOVELY - but for me to feel comfortable, I would need to size up to a 24... A 24 would still retain this great shape - but would be a little more friendly to my two-tier belly system... Now, from my end - I always expect a few sizing issues when I try a new brand - it's just par for the course.

 photo PinkClove_Review_PlusSizeClothing_Dress_BoombandsEm07_zps0cdad686.jpg

The pattern on this is really lovely (although I feel it looks quite bland on me) and the material is soft, a little stretchy and ruched to embrace your curve. I *do* wonder how this dress would last across multi-wears, but as admitted Fast Fashion, smashing in at a price of £18.00 - I don't think this was ever supposed to be an investment piece!! I like this and would have kept it if I'd bought the right size.

Next up - let's look at one of the Pink Clove Tops and one of the Skirts (which are VERY budget friendly).

 photo PinkClove_Review_PlusSizeClothing_Dress_BoombandsEm21_zps033218ff.jpg

Okay. The Pink Clove Jersey Wrap Skirt is SUPER cheap at £10. That's a Primark price (!!). I got the 22 in this, but the more I wear it, the more I find the elastic quite loose through the waist; I wish I'd bought the 20. This is lovely and easy and comfortable. I kept this skirt (at only £10, it was EASY to keep) and I wear this with longline tops and leggings... ALWAYS leggings because really, it's very short. The wrap effect at the front pulls the centre of the skirt up (by design), so for me leggings are a must. This is an interesting piece, the fabric is light and thin but I ADORE the shape and would certainly buy this in a higher quality fabric at a higher price... For fast fashion, this is bang on and extremely wearable. Paired with the skirt, I also tried the Love Print Tank with Studs in a size 20... For the purposes of looking good you'll see below that I've paired this with a blazer... The picture above is okay - but the top feels shapeless to me (it's a 20)- a blazer would be needed to create a look I'd actually wear!

 photo PinkClove_Review_PlusSizeClothing_Dress_BoombandsEm23_zpse26419ac.jpg

This is a bargain top at £14. The fabric is soft and thin which makes it nice and airy... It also felt GREAT on my body and was comfortable to wear. I like the design on this but didn't keep it due to sizing... For me, this needs to be a size down.

 photo PinkClove_Review_PlusSizeClothing_Dress_BoombandsEm12_zps96b2f943.jpg

Okay, so when Pink Clove released their collection - I was MOST interested in the Geo Print Wrap Dress. For this post, I'm wearing it in a "change room" capacity - rather than as an outfit I'm wearing out - so I've not belted it, or accessorised. This is a great dress though and I reckon it'd look banging on HEAPS of different women. AT the Fast Fashion price of £18 - this is also a STEAL. I really like this - and here, in the 22 - this feels like the right size...

 photo PinkClove_Review_PlusSizeClothing_Dress_BoombandsEm16_zpsb31b65d9.jpg

This dress is faux wrap, has a nice elasticised waist and is shaped really well. I like the cut of the skirt and the sleeves are a good, comfortable length... Fast fashion has a high turnaround, but even with this inexpensive price, I can faithfully say that the fabric is really lovely and the print is wonderful... I really love this dress actually and so did Darcy (always good, as he has excellent taste). I'd belt it to wear it.

For me, it's always exciting when a new brand drops in on our Plus Fashion Scene. I like that Pink Clove is a little different - aiming for good quality pieces that are highly affordable and trend relevant... I reckon Pink Clove must be backed by a bigger fashion retailer/supplier to be able to afford to create such cheap, trend relevant pieces (these garments aren't designer wear) and I'm interested to see what happens next. This is good stuff - and for anyone who wants to turn-over their wardrobe with fashionable pieces each season, Pink Clove will certainly become a "go to" destination. I also really like that the Collection isn't *too* vast and houses interesting, thought-out pieces which are feminine and MADE for curvy women... All they have to do now is get rid of the dual sizing at the higher end or the scale and they'll really be winning.



  1. Love the dresses on you. I've only just discovered this website and hadn't been brave enough to buy anything until I'd read a review. I will be buying the geo print dress and a couple of other pieces too. Thanks.

  2. I love the geo dress, but I think you can easily downsize with that one too xxx

  3. Great review - I'm heading to the website for a noisy, thanks :)

  4. Thank you - so helpful to get a review of how the clothes feel. About to order the red geo dress. I hate clingy stuff so on your recommendation have gone a size or two up. Very excited about pink clove.

  5. The dresses look really nice on you.

    Bane Coat

  6. This is literally the worst place I have ever shopped at and will never go back to.
    Their merchandise is defective and they are not willing to even take a look at it. The management is very rude and the customer service is horrible.
    PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF FROM CONFLICT & AVOID THIS PLACE. For trying to save a couple bucks, you will actually end up losing it all after ONE wear. Don't go unless you like having clothes that are disposable.


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